Division D

Match Date
12/04/2019 Staddon Heights V Saunton Staddon Heights
30/04/2019 Staddon Heights V Exminster Exminster
03/05/2019 Saunton V Exminster Saunton
09/05/2019 Saunton V Churston Saunton
07/06/2019 Saunton V Exminster (bad weather rescheduled to 15.8.19) Exminster
10/06/2019 Staddon Heights V Saunton Saunton
20/06/2019 Staddon Heights V Churston Churston
05/07/2019 Wrangaton V Exminster Exminster
05/07/2019 Staddon Heights V Churston Staddon Heights
12/07/2019 Wrangaton V Churston Churston
22/07/2019 Wrangaton V Staddon Heights (bad  weather rescheduled to 27.8.19) Wrangaton
26/07/2019 Saunton V Churston Churston
29/07/2019 Wrangaton V Exminster Wrangaton
02/08/2019 Exminster V Churston Churston
09/08/2019 Wrangaton V Churston (bad weather rescheduled to 20.8.19) Wrangaton
16/08/2019 Wrangaton V Staddon Heights Staddon Heights
16/08/2019 Exminster V Churston (bad weather rescheduled to 3.9.19) Exminster
23/08/2019 Wrangaton V Saunton Wrangaton
30/08/2019 Wrangaton V Saunton Saunton
30/08/2019 Staddon Heights V Exminster Staddon Heights