2015 Fixtures

League Draw for 2015

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Staddon Heights Great Torrington Royal North Devon Saunton
Stover Portmore Thurlestone Woodbury Park
Dainton Park Bigbury Wrangaton Ilfracombe
Teign Valley Fingle Glen Axe Cliff Warren
Tiverton Dartmouth Bovey Tracey Churston

Semi – Finals

The winners of Group B will play the winners of Group A.
The winners of Group C will play the winners of Group D.

Devon League Semi Finals

Friday 25 September 2015 tee time 12.04 at Woodbury Park

Devon League Finals

Tuesday 29th September 2015 tee time 12.00 hrs at Woodbury Park

Devon League AGM Monday

5th October 2015 at 11.00 hrs at Fingle Glen Golf Club

Fixtures for 2015

Group A

Date Home Team Result (points)
Away Team
Frid 10th April Staddon Heights Stover
Thur 14th May Teign Vally Tiverton
Frid 22nd May Tiverton Teign Valley
Mon 1st June Stover Tiverton
Frid 5th June Tiverton Staddon Heights
Thur 18th June Teign Valley Stover
Frid 19th June Staddon Height Dainton Park
Sat 27th June Dainton Park Teign Valley
Mon 6ht July Stover Dainton Park
Frid 10th July Staddon Heights Tiverton
Mon 13th July Dainton Park Tiverton
Mon 13th July Stover Teign Valley
Mon 20th July Stover Staddon Heights
Thur 23rd  July Teign Valley Dainton Park
Wed 29th July Dainton Park Stover
Thur 6th August Teign Valley Staddon Heights
Mon 17th August Tiverton Dainton Park
Frid 21st August Staddon Heights Teign Valley
Frid 21st August Tiverton Stover
Mon 24th August Dainton Park Staddon Heights

Group B

Date Home Team Result (points)
Away Team
Mon 16th March Bigbury Fingle Glen
Wed 8th April Bigbury Portmore
Frid 24th April Bigbury Dartmouth
Mon 11 May Dartmouth Gr Torrington
Mon 18th May Gr Torrington Portmore
Frid 22nd May Gr Torrington Bigbury
Thur 28th May Dartmouth Fingle Glen
Mon 1st June Gr Torrington Fingle Glen
Mon 8th June Gr Torrington Dartmouth
Thur 18th June Portmore Dartmouth
Frid 26th June Portmore Gr Torrington
Thur 2nd July Dartmouth Bigbury
Sat 4th July Portmore Fingle Glen
Frid 16th July Fingle Glen Bigbury
Mon 20th July Bigbury Gr Torrington
Thur 30th July Fingle Glen Portmore
Thur 6th August Fingle Glen Gr Torrington
Thur 13th Aug Dartmouth Portmore
Thru 20th August Fingle Glen Dartmouth
Frid 21th August Portmore Bigbury

Group C

Date Home Team Result (points)
Away Team
Frid 10th April Axe Cliff Bovey Tracy
Frid 24th April Bovey Tracy Axe Cliff
Frid  1st May Thurlestone  Wrangaton
Frid  7th August Thurlestone  RND
Frid  15th May Bovey Tracy Thurlestone
Frid  22nd May RND Bovey Tracy
Frid   22nd May Axe Cliff Thurlestone
Frid   5th June RND Thurlestone
Mon 8th June Thurlestone Axe Cliff
Frid   12th June Bovey Tracy RND
Frid   19th June Axe Cliff Wrangaton
Frid   26th June RND Axe Cliff
Frid  26th June Thurlestone Bovey Tracy
Frid  3rd July Axe Cliff RND
Frid 3rd July Bovey Tracy Wrangaton
Frid 10th July Wrangaton Axe Cliff
Frid 17th July Wrangaton RND
Frid 31st July Wrangaton Thurlestone
Mon 3rd Aug RND Wrangaton
Frid 7th August Wrangaton Bovey Tracy

Group D

Date 2015 Home Team Result (points) Away Team
Fri 17th April Ilfracombe Saunton
Mon 13th April The Warren Woodbury Park
Mon 20th April Saunton Ilfracombe
Tue 5th May Ilfracombe The Warren
Thur 21st May Woodbury Park Saunton
Wed 3rd June Saunton The Warren
Fri 5th June Ilfracombe Churston
Wed 10 June Saunton Woodbury Park
Thur 18th June Woodbury Park Ilfracombe
Mon 19th June The Warren Saunton
Thur 25th June Churston Saunton
Mon 29th June Woodbury Park The Warren
Thur 9th July Woodbury Park Churston
Fri 17th July The Warren Ilfracombe
Fri 24th July Saunton Churston
Tues 28th July Ilfracombe Woodbury Park
Fri 31 July Churston The Warren
Fri 4th Sept Churston Ilfracombe
Thur 6th Aug Churston Woodbury Park
Frid 21 Aug The Warren Churston